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Neroli magic moisturizing cream

Our Story

“The drive to create the finest skincare comes from a place of gratefulness, of wonder. Of a wish to honor mother nature’s resources with reverence and respect. We make skincare for the soul.”

One day about seven years ago, I woke up and realized I was a mess. several factors merged with a high dose of stress to form a perfect storm.

I kept smiling for my family and the social media profiles, but I was less than fine. My skin rebelled the most. I started suffering from irritation, itchiness, and some eczema. 

Temperature changes made the condition worse. It was in reaction to something, probably a combination of things, but I didn't know for sure what those things in the mix were, or why now and not before, since I had been using the same products, doing the same things, and eating the same foods for ages.


I went to see many specialists. An ENT, an allergist, and an endocrinologist were the firsts of a long string of doctors. I took countless tests. It was not fun being pricked thousands of times for allergy tests that showed I was not allergic to anything. I was prescribed antihistamines, corticosteroids, etc. After which, the problems returned.

Every professional had a theory but not a clear diagnosis. 
Among them, the one professional who helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel was a wonderful nutritionist who suggested I take a specialized blood test to determine sensitivity to certain foods. The results surprised me.


I turned out to be sensitive to things I had eaten very often without any problem, like salmon, walnuts, turmeric, pumpkin, apple, coconut, and bread. Perhaps the bread was the worst problem for me. I was highly-sensitive to yeast in bread. Until then, I had never noticed, but most breads contain yeast. But then, I found many more serious offenders, many of them in my skincare products. 

Neroli magic moisturizing cream


The nutritionist made me eliminate all the “problematic” foods for three months. We assumed this was what was causing my itchiness. I cut out everything from my diet that I knew was bothering me. 
And then… 
I came to the realization that perhaps the same premise could be applied to the products I was using. I eliminated all creams, shampoos, soaps, and cleansers and started looking for natural products. And that made all the difference.

I started reading and researching every ingredient that went into my skincare routine. What I found left me speechless. Most of the products I had been using, and I TRUSTED, were full of…
Nasties. Tons of them.

I was surrounded by harmful ingredients such as silicones, dangerous chemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum, colorants, etc. I could not trust anything products advertised. I had to educate myself. 

There were no magic formulas. 

I delved deep into the chemistry of skincare. I became increasingly more involved in creating my products. 

For years I studied and researched. I expanded my knowledge in various certified schools and going really deep into the anatomy of the skin to formulate the best and most natural skincare since then. It became my world.

As a result, more out of necessity…

I’d love to share all my formulas with you.

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Be in the Know

How It All Began

I discovered the hard way our bodies are equipped with innumerable mechanisms to achieve a perfect balance. We abuse them for years, inflicting all kinds of aggravations on them before they react with an allergy here, and a flair of some sort there, subtly letting us know that we have caused something akin to an insult to some part of our body. Since it tends to reach a balance, the body repairs itself over and over while we continue our abuse. This is a cycle we are barely aware of until it lets us know in no uncertain terms that it had enough!

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